Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

Have you ever seen your cat sneeze? Sneezing in cats isn’t always a serious problem, but if it happens often or regularly, there may be something more severe going on. There are many potential causes of sneezing in cats, and as a cat owner, you should familiarize yourself with all of them.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the six most common causes of sneezing in cats. You can use this information to try to determine what’s going on with your cat, and you can then decide when it’s time to talk to the vet for more information. If you have any questions, call Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Lakeland, FL at (863) 665-3199.

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Normal Sneezing

Just like humans, cats can sometimes just sneeze without any real reason. If your cat sneezes once and then doesn’t again for weeks or even months, there’s nothing to worry about; this is perfectly normal sneezing.

Normal sneezing can be caused when your cat tries to sniff something that tickles or slightly irritates his nose. It can also be caused by dust or strong smells present in his environment, so try to take care about what you expose your cat to in this way.


Cats may have allergies to a variety of substances. They may be allergic to pollen, plants, fleas, mold and mildew, or even other animals. If your cat has an allergy and is exposed to the allergen in question, they will probably sneeze, just like a human might.

If your cat’s allergies aren’t very serious, or if you can usually avoid the allergens that affect your cat, there may be no need to take any action. If your cat’s allergies are severe, however, you might need to speak to your vet about putting your furry friend on allergy medication as a maintenance solution.

Foreign Object Inhalation

Cats like to sniff objects to try to figure out what they are. If your cat does this, there is a chance they may inhale the object, especially if it’s something very small. Cats may inhale lint, feathers, or small pieces of debris in some instances.

If your cat inhales an object that gets stuck in their nose, this will cause them to sneeze to try to dislodge it. If the cat is able to get rid of the object that was stuck in their nose, there’s probably nothing else you need to do. If not, however, you’ll need to take them to the emergency vet to have it removed.

Respiratory Infection

Cats are prone to developing respiratory infections, especially upper respiratory infections. If your cat has a problem like this, they may start sneezing early on. They may have other nasal symptoms including a runny nose, wheezing, or a crackling sound when they breathe through their nose as well.

If you suspect your cat might have a respiratory infection, it’s very important to take them to the vet as soon as possible. Your cat’s regular vet can prescribe medication to help with the symptoms and, if the infection is bacterial, can also give medicine to your cat to help heal the problem.

Dental Disease

If your cat has dental disease, this may cause them to start sneezing as well. Dental disease can cause irritation to the nose and can also sometimes make it difficult for your cat to breathe properly.

Dental disease may include broken, damaged, or rotting teeth, and it can also include abscesses, ulcers, and injuries to the mouth or gums. It may also include tumors in the mouth and gum disease, among many other potential conditions. Your vet can tell you for sure what’s wrong with your cat’s mouth.

Nasal Tumors

Sometimes, cats may develop nasal tumors. These tumors may sometimes be cancerous or may be benign, but they almost always cause cats to sneeze frequently. This is because the tumor irritates the nasal passages and tickles or bothers the nose. This type of sneezing occurs over a long period of time and may get worse with time as well.

If your cat has a nasal tumor, you may be able to see it on the outside of their nose. Whether you can see it or not, however, you’ll need to talk to your vet about treatment and management options for your cat’s nasal tumor.

As with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health, make sure to go to the vet if you are unsure about anything. Sneezing can sometimes signify a serious health problem in cats, and even though this cause may not be a common one, the possibility is still there.

Keep in mind, too, that if your cat’s sneezing is very infrequent and if it clears up in a short time, there probably isn’t anything too serious to be worried about. Your vet can tell you for sure, but you don’t need to rush off to the emergency vet in this situation. Call Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic at (863) 665-3199.

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