Portrait of a beautiful baby dachshund and vet holding him at the clinic while she is smiling

What to Expect at Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic

If you’re a Lakeland local, you’ve likely heard of us before. Now that we’re under new ownership, we’re heading in a new direction that’ll bring about changes — all good, of course. When you come to Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic, you can expect a superior level of urgent care that champions compassion, excellence, and a deeper relationship with you.

What to Expect in an Emergency

We understand a pet emergency is a stressful and hectic time for you both. Whether you call us ahead of time or show up on our doorstep, our experienced team is ready to receive you and get your cat or dog the care they need.

Here’s what you can expect during an emergency situation:

  • Once you arrive, our team will ask you pertinent questions about your pet and their circumstances to get an overview of the situation.
  • Then, our veterinarians and trained staff will escort your pet to our treatment area, where we will thoroughly evaluate them.
  • When our team has a complete understanding of your pet’s conditions and needs, we’ll talk to you about their options so we can make the best decision for them together. If, however, your pet is suffering from a life-threatening injury or condition, we will act immediately for the safety and well-being of your pet.
  • After your pet is stabilized, we’ll talk to you about their after-care needs. If they require intensive monitoring, we’ll work with our partner 24/7 emergency facility so your cat or dog gets the care they need around the clock.
  • While we do have limited hours, we will never close up shop until we establish a game plan with you for your pet’s continued care.

Please contact us today to learn more about our hospital. While we don’t hope to see you in the emergency room anytime soon, know that if we do, we’ll treat both of you with the care and respect you deserve.