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Should My Dog See a Vet if Their Nail is Bleeding?

Should My Dog See a Vet if Their Nail is Bleeding?  Hey there, fellow pet parent! If you’ve landed on this page, chances are your fur baby’s had a little mishap with their nails. It can be scary to see your dog’s nail bleeding, especially if it’s the first time this has happened. Before you…

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why your cat is drooling in lakeland florida

10 reasons why your cat is drooling

Cats are creatures of peculiar habits and traits. As a cat owner, there’s often a learning curve in understanding their behaviors. One such behavior that might concern you is your cat drooling. Is this normal? When should it be a cause for concern? The team at Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Lakeland, Florida, is here…

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dog vomiting yellow foam in lakeland fl

Dog vomiting yellow foam: is this an emergency?

One of the many joys of being a dog parent is seeing your furry friend healthy and full of life. However, just like their human counterparts, dogs can have their off days and experience health issues that require immediate attention. An all too familiar health concern among our four-legged friends is vomiting, specifically vomiting yellow…

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why is my dogs leg shaking in lakeland fl

Why is My Dog’s Leg Shaking?

As devoted dog owners, we are naturally attuned to our furry companions’ behavior and well-being. One puzzling occurrence that can leave us scratching our heads is when we notice our dog’s leg shaking. While occasional leg shaking is often harmless, it’s essential to delve deeper into the underlying causes to ensure our beloved pets are…

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why is my cat breathing heavy lakeland fl

Why is My Cat Breathing Heavily?

Why Is My Cat Breathing Heavily? Cats are known for being quiet and sneaky, so when their heavy breathing gets your attention, it is important to take notice. There are many different factors that can cause your cat’s breathing to be heavy, labored, or irregular. Extreme stress, anxiety, and overheating or heat stroke can cause…

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why is my cat limping lakeland fl

Why Is My Cat Limping?

Why Is My Cat Limping? A limping cat is an upsetting sight to see, especially if they also appear to be hurt in some way. Understanding all of the possible causes for limping in cats can help you to properly care for them before taking your cat to the vet for their limping. Most of…

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does music help with dog anxiety lakeland fl

Does Music Help Dogs With Anxiety?

Does Music Help Dogs With Anxiety? Many of our beloved pups suffer from some level of anxiety. Even if a dog does not experience anxiety on a daily basis, it is fairly normal for dogs to be anxious in certain situations such as during thunderstorms or firework shows. There are many home remedies for anxiety…

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eye infections in dogs lakeland fl

Dog Eye Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

Dog Eye Infection: Symptoms and Treatment Eye infections in dogs can be a pretty scary thing to deal with. Although the symptoms of eye infections can be pretty worrisome, problems with the eyes in dogs are normally very easy for vets to diagnose and treat. There are several different types of eye infections in dogs,…

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dog has bloody diarrhea lakeland fl l

My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea – What Should I Do?

My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea – What Should I Do? Bloody diarrhea in dogs is not a pleasant sight at all. Although diarrhea can be common and resolve itself on its own, bloody diarrhea is a different story. Bloody diarrhea is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. If your dog has bloody…

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Dog poisonous plants

What to Do if Your Dog Ingests Poison

What to Do If Your Dog Ingests Poison Finding out that your dog has eaten something poisonous can be a very frightening time. However, knowing what to do in these kinds of situations can allow you to act quickly. In this article, we will explain what dog owners should do if their dog ingests poison,…

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