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pet first aid kit in lakeland, fl

How To Create a Pet First Aid Kit At Home

When you’re a pet owner, it’s always a good idea to prepare for potential injuries or accidents. Even though you certainly hope nothing like this will ever happen to your pet, it’s better to be ready just in case. One great way to do this is to make a pet first aid kit. In the…

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dog limping in lakeland, fl

Dog Limping: Causes and Treatments in Lakeland, FL

As a dog owner, you know how to tell when something is wrong with your pet. And if your dog begins limping suddenly or develops a limp slowly over time, you’re sure to be worried about them. After all, limping is a sign of a more serious underlying issue, and it can sometimes indicate an…

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hydrated dog in lakeland, fl

How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated During The Summer in Lakeland, FL

During the hot summer months, it’s just as important to make sure your dog stays hydrated as it is for the human members of your family. But some dogs aren’t that interested in drinking water, even when they need to, and it can be tricky to keep them well-hydrated when it’s hot outside. In this…

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cat sneezing in lakeland, fl

Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

Have you ever seen your cat sneeze? Sneezing in cats isn’t always a serious problem, but if it happens often or regularly, there may be something more severe going on. There are many potential causes of sneezing in cats, and as a cat owner, you should familiarize yourself with all of them. In this article,…

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dog allergies in lakeland, fl

Signs of Dog Allergies

  Signs of Dog Allergies in Lakeland, FL If you think your dog might have allergies, you may be right. Allergies are common in dogs, and they include a variety of different types of allergies, too. Some dogs may have contact allergies that cause their skin to break out, while others may be allergic to…

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dog drinking water outside

6 Signs Your Dog Has Heatstroke

  6 Signs Your Dog Has Heatstroke When the summer months roll around, the potential for your dog to suffer from heatstroke increases significantly. That’s why it is crucial for you, as a responsible pet parent, to recognize the signs of heatstroke in dogs and learn when it’s time to react fast. In this article,…

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emergency vet in lakeland, fl

When To Call An Emergency Vet

When To Call An Emergency Vet If your pet falls ill, or gets injured in the middle of the night or when your veterinarian’s office is close, it can be a stressful time. Will your dog be ok waiting until you can reach your veterinarian? Or should you go ahead and call an emergency veterinarian…

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what to expect from an emergency vet in lakeland, fl

What to Expect from An Emergency Vet in Lakeland, FL

What to Expect from An Emergency Vet in Lakeland, FL Have you ever used an emergency vet for your pets before? Do you find yourself wondering what to expect if you do need to use one? Choosing to take your pet to an emergency vet can be challenging enough without the additional fear of the…

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